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Fight the Fight with Lightning, Style & Grace

You may be thinking from the title of this post that I am referring to the great Muhammad Ali but, in fact, I am alluding to songs by the rising Jamaican reggae artist Mortimer.

Mortimer McPherson  AKA Mortimer was born in Kingston Jamaica but raised in the rural Whitehall district of St.Elizabeth. Like any young man, he had dreams and these initially, were directed towards the life of a soldier or auto engineer. However, being raised in a religious home he was exposed to the power of music when he sang in his church choir. Music became his passion and directed his ambitions. His early influences were the reggae greats like Bob Marley and Jacob Miller and soul legend Donny Hathaway.

"I do music because it is my first love and where my passion lies. For me, it's about a message... One of love, hope, kindness, selflessness, and also an opportunity to share a piece of myself with others" - Mortimer

Armed with drive and passion he embarked on his debut project 'Message Mus…

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