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Jah9 Takes Overstanding to the Next Level


Reggae has always been a vehicle and voice to express injustice and raise consciousness. This is something that is again gaining traction with the new crop of roots reggae revival artists of which Jah9 is a leading exponent.

Reggae now has many sub-genres which have evolved over the past couple of decades. Dancehall for one, like many other dance-based genres, has become hugely successful and continues to attract talent eager for success. However, 'Roots Reggae' never went away, it was just outpaced commercially by other genres that seemed more lucrative and popular. Has a lesson been lost? The leading and most successful reggae artist, I need not even mention his name, was a roots reggae exponent.

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The deep, meaningful and spiritual voice that was originally the soul of reggae has now been taken to a new level by Jah9 and is generating a whole new set of followers who connect with her message…

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