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Bobby Digital Legendary Dancehall Producer Dies

There have been many great reggae producers from Jamaica and one of the most influential of the last few decades  Robert 'Bobby Digital' Dixon died 21 May 2020 aged 59. He became a legendary producer who had success in dancehall, roots reggae and lovers rock. Along with King Jammy, Bobby Digital was considered one of the pioneers of the dancehall computerized rhythms of the 1980s. 
Bobby Digital was born in the Waterhouse district of Kingston and sound system dances were where the latest hits were heard and like every young dance-goer, he had ambitions to have his own sound system. He later became a trained technician fixing televisions and radios. Then has chance came when he was introduced to King Jammy who subsequently took him on in 1985 as his production engineer. This is where he learned the art of music producing and production.
The mid-eighties was also a time of change and experimentation for reggae music. 
King Jammy was experimenting with digital sounds and rh…

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