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The BAFTA Awards a Pale Representation

The stated charitable purpose of BAFTA is to "support, develop and promote the art forms of the moving image, by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners, and benefiting the public". Are the BAFTA awards a pale imitation of the creative industry it purports to celebrate. Reading the stated purpose of BAFTA I would suggest it is falling short of its objectives. If there is one industry that is vibrant and diverse in its practitioners it is the film and music industry. So the furore around the current crop of nominations for the 73rd BAFTA awards is justified in my opinion.
There was a similar argument directed at the OSCARS for many years and this lead to structural changes in the make-up of the academy members which led to a more diverse set of nominations in 91st award ceremony.
Best Picture Nominations OSCARS 2019
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