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The Rise of Reggae Fusion

Reggae has developed since its original inception and now has many subgenres, for example, roots reggae, dancehall, lovers rock and dub. Most fans and commentators would consider these legitimate reggae music subgenres. However, with Jamaica's proximity to the American market, Jamaican artists have always sought to find a way in. This has resulted in collaborations with artists from other genres like hip-hop and jazz. While producers and musicians started experimenting by fusing reggae with other genres.
So what is Reggae Fusion?
Well, before reggae fusion became a recognized genre, around the 1990s, experimentation with reggae was taking place from as early as the 1970s and usually described as Pop Reggae or Punk Reggae depending on what music was being 'fused' with reggae. So reggae fusion is reggae mixed with any other genre such as Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB and Jazz.
Initially, reggae fusion drew criticism because it was seen as a watered-down version of reggae. However,…

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