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The Top 5 Reggae Film Soundtracks

You will hear many of the genres influenced by reggae in film soundtracks but rarely hear reggae music. It seems reggae is still regarded as a niche when it comes to film music.  

There have been many films over the years with subject matter that demand that reggae is the foremost genre for the soundtrack or incidental music which I'll get onto in a minute, however, wouldn't it be great to hear reggae feature more in the Hollywood blockbusters released every year.

There have been great reggae soundtracks over the years but the associated films have, in the main, related to Jamaican and reggae culture. However, a great soundtrack is a great soundtrack and for me the following are my top 5 reggae soundtracks.

1) Jimmy Cliff 'The Harder They Come' (from The Harder They Come, 1972)

This is the title track to the great Jamaican reggae film The Harder they Come. Sung by and starring one of the legends of reggae Jimmy Cliff whose character arrives in Kingston looking for work…

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