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Reggae the Music to Change the World

Reggae has had a good couple of years in terms of recognition. In 2018 reggae was added to the world heritage list by UNESCO and in 2019 there is now research that shows that if you really want to change the world get your kids to listen to reggae.

Research by O2, the UK telecommunications service provider and the University of Westminster, has shown that the music children listen to as they grow up

is linked to how open they become as adults to new activities and experiencesthis is most likely to occur when children growing up listen to reggae and classical music
This research, conducted by O2 in conjunction with Catherine Loveday, Neuropsychologist at Westminster University, showed that 27% of people whose parents listened to reggae would be open to trying new things, with 20% of those who listened to classical music at an early age also open to new experiences, such as sporting activities, different clothes and even hairstyles. Catherine Loveday said:

“Music is a very fundamental way…

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