Monday, August 21, 2017

#DingazzRoundup Week 34 2017

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Well it's been another couple of weeks so what's been happening?
Still festival season and one the of the best is #RototumSunsplash in Spain. The line up included #Chronixx, The Wailers, U Roy, Big Youth and #Luciano. Check out this video of the Luciano set backed by the Mafia and Fluxy Band Luciano Rototum Sunsplash

Been in the studio myself working on some arrangements and laying down some demos. A mix of Roots and Culture and Lovers Rock. i'm planning to get them voiced by established vocalists and have got a couple in mind. I'll keep you posted.

Knowing when to collaborate is a decision we all have to make at some point. For me, it is whether I can really do the song justice. I know that there are loads of plugins and other wizardry that can make up for certain shortfalls most of us have but, I like to have someones creative gifts rather than a technical fix.

With these songs I felt that my vocals weren't good enough especially for one of the tracks that will have an RnB feel. That's not to say that I believe you can't improve your singing.  I absolutely believe you can. When I first started out time and options were in short supply my voice was not good enough to sing for four minutes. But if I wanted to finish the songs someone had to sing them. I decided that person was me.

I searched YouTube and found a vocal training program that felt right for me, had good reviews and so I subscribed. Nothing ventured nothing gained. After a couple of months I can confirm that my vocal range dramatically improved along with my pitch. This gave me the confidence to voice the tracks I was planning to release. So, yes you can become a better singer but you still have to decide whether that is good enough for your song.

I brought in Mafia and Fluxy (award winning UK reggae producers) to work on the 'riddim' tracks. We layed down the demos in Studio H in Spain and plan to finish them in London. It was a wicked session with great vibes so stay tuned.

me in the studio

The world seems to be on the brink at the moment with great change and fear on everyone's lips. This is a time when music especially songwriters and musicians can play a big part in getting the right message out there. Counter all the negativity that seems to be around. This is why I believe there is a rise in the popularity of reggae music. It is a music that has always been able to stand-up for truth and rights. Therefore, it has integrity when the artists sing of roots and culture, truth and rights, reality.

peace love reggae

Rotor Videos @rotorvideos
Making music videos on a budget is not easy so check out these guys. For a relatively small outlay they have a a product that will give you a music video to be proud of. I tried them out for a dub track I wanted a music video for, see what you think Innocent Dub
Next roundup in a couple of weeks
Bless  Dingazz