Sunday, October 1, 2017

#DingazzRoundup September 2017

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Greetings Everyone
Another roundup of what's been happening. Well, been finishing off the next single 'Paint a Better Tomorrow' by Miss Tun Pickney. What's it about? Well, I am a great believer in positive music and the power music has to initiate change. So, the main theme of the song is that there is always an opportunity to make a change. The first line of the song is:'Though today is another day it doesn't mean the same outcome as yesterday'. We can all put our energies into painting a better tomorrow. As is usual with songwriting themes are drawn from experience. I wouldn't be writing this blog if I hadn't believed there could be a better tomorrow. So getting painting people.

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Cover Art

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#PROMOTION one the 'must dos' for an independent. As usual the big question is on what and where do I spend my limited promotion budget. There are so many promotion services being offered on social media, many not worth spending that hard earned cash on. From my experience I find the spammy type of promotion e.g. I will blast your single to a million potential fans, hasn't worked for me. Music is so subjective, unless you target people who might like your music what is the point. So, I use promotion that is targeted, where I can either target the audience or the provider is already targeting a certain audience.
One type of promotion I use is Radio, FM and Internet. There are many that specialise in Indie artists and are often syndicated, meaning, their shows are played on other stations too. With a good station you will get tweets when your track is played that you can retweet to your followers. One station I am using at the moment, to promote an earlier release is Trend City Radio The station is not a reggae specialist but, I have had some good engagement and feedback. My track got voted into their Top 25 last week (see below). This is what you want as an Indie to broaden your appeal.



Launched my merchandise store this week. There are different ways of selling merchandise and with so many activities to take care of as an Indie, I decided I could not allocate enough time to deal with buying merchandise and shipping. So, I went for a managed service. They provide the stock and take care of delivery to the customer and pay me a commission. My store is hosted by  Zazzle
DingazzMusic Reggae Merchandise

You can see some of the items on the panel on the right. I create the designs and Zazzle take care of stock and shipping. I receive a royalty payment from sales but, there are other ways of earning income from them. The profits may not be as high as compared to having an independent store, but for me, making the best use of my time is what matters.
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There are some good tools associated with Twitter that are not widely known. @twitterbusiness  has some good ideas to make Twitter work better for you. Worth a try.

Until next time