Reggae the Music to Change the World

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Reggae has had a good couple of years in terms of recognition. In 2018 reggae was added to the world heritage list by UNESCO and in 2019 there is now research that shows that if you really want to change the world get your kids to listen to reggae.

Research by O2, the UK telecommunications service provider and the University of Westminster, has shown that the music children listen to as they grow up

  • is linked to how open they become as adults to new activities and experiences
  • this is most likely to occur when children growing up listen to reggae and classical music

This research, conducted by O2 in conjunction with Catherine Loveday, Neuropsychologist at Westminster University, showed that 27% of people whose parents listened to reggae would be open to trying new things, with 20% of those who listened to classical music at an early age also open to new experiences, such as sporting activities, different clothes and even hairstyles. Catherine Loveday said:

“Music is a very fundamental way for parents to connect with their children so it is not surprising that musical tastes get passed on, but it is interesting to think that listening habits might also nurture open-mindedness and flexibility, as well as a yearning for live music. We have known for a while that exposing children to lots of new foods will help them to develop a more adventurous palate and it looks like the same thing might be true of music”. (source:

reggae music, change the world, openness, O2, research, Catherine Loveday

For those who were surveyed and who listened to a diverse range of music when growing up, their top 5 genres today are:

  1. Hip Hop (82%)
  2. Drum and Bass (81%)
  3. Reggae (80%)
  4. Punk Rock (79%)
  5. Dance Music (77%)
But for those who were surveyed who had a limited range of music whilst growing up, their top 5 genres today are:
  1. Folk (27%)
  2. Classical Music (26%)
  3. Rock (25%)
  4. Pop Music (25%)
  5. Soul (23%)
The Chief Marketing Officer at O2, Nina Bibby said 

“Music connects us on an emotional level so it’s perhaps no surprise to see that the music we listen to growing up shapes our approach and attitude to other aspects of our life....”.  (source:

Reggae Music the Spice of Life

For those of us who have been fans of reggae for decades, it comes as no surprise that listening to reggae can lead to more openness.

If you follow my blog you know I have written about roots reggae as always being a vehicle and voice for those looking for equality and fighting injustice. Roots Reggae culture is about raising consciousness and overstanding. So, it is no surprise that listeners of reggae music will have a propensity to look for change.

Bob Marley, change the world, reggae music, openness, O2,research,We are in a world where change is happening at an increasing rate in some areas but, not fast enough in others. As we have seen with Greta Thunberg and the environmental movement the young will inherit the earth so we need them to have an open mind. Therefore, it is incumbent on us reggae fans and listeners to spread the word and ensure that reggae music helps to change the world.

The great Robert Nesta Marley used his music to change the world. A man of vision and clarity, he already knew what science and neuropsychologists are now beginning to understand.