Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#Respect - Just One Word

I've spoken about this before but reggae allows for expression of topics that are not easily found in other genres. 'Conscious Lyrics' sit comfortably with the music. Reggae was born out of struggle and the voice of the people. There is a feeling that reggae is becoming more popular because it allows this expression and has the 'Conscious' messages that people want to hear. These can be found in reggae music past and present. This is one reason why reggae greats like #BobMarley and #PeterTosh are as popular as is their message.

In a world, where in many places, the word #respect seems to have little value, or it is only applied according to specific rules, people are looking for something a bit deeper in their music. Respect has always been a big word in reggae and a fundamental principle for peace. That is why you hear it in the lyrics of many reggae songs.

Respect, it is only one word but can solve a thousand problems.

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