Friday, January 13, 2017

#NewRelease 2017 #Innocent

The new single by Miss Tun Pickney will soon be released entitled 'Innocent' . The idea for the song is that innocence is not defined by the #innocent.

You see it everywhere as there are so many mediums to voice opinions, which, for the concept of free speech is a great thing. However, this means that no matter your personal view of your innocence, it is really in the control of others, whether justified or not.

So, in the song I try to define what #innocent means to me but, I hope you will listen to it and maybe you will agree or disagree. The main thing is, I hope it strikes a chord (excuse the pun) with you in some way.

This is why I love creating music because there have been so many songs that really have made an impact on me. Let me know what you think, comments are often great triggers for a new song idea as well as great feedback. The video link is here

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