Chronixx Again Puts Spanish Town on the Map With His New Release “Dela Move”

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Photo by Harry Eelman


The long-awaited follow up to his 2017 GRAMMY-nominated debut album Chronology is due out this year. The single 'Dela Move' is the intro track for the album entitled 'DELA SPLASH'.

Weh You From

.... I grew up inna place called De La Vega....

Chronixx was born in Jamaica's second largest city Spanish Town and he is proud of his roots, previously releasing the hit 'Spanish Town Rockin' on his Chronology album. The single 'Dela Move' is another homage to his home town.

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Chronixx, Dela Move, new single, new release, reggae music, reggae single, Dela Splash
Single Cover Art

According to the press release “Dela Move,” produced by J.L.L. and Chronixx, is the intro track for Dela Splash. The album’s title pays homage to Chronixx’s hometown annual concert by the same name. The now-defunct event for almost a decade featured some of the island’s biggest stars. Chronixx is part of a long line of musicians from Spanish Town such as his father Chronicle, Prince Far I, Papa San and Koffee. There’s not something in the water in this fertile ground for multi-talented artists. It’s just passionate striving. 

"Knowing that where I’m from is a place of creativity gave me confidence as a creator"

De La Vega Rockin

There is an accompanying visual to the single. It is a fantastical coming-of-age tale directed by Nabil Elderkin (whose credits include Kanye West, Dua Lipa, John Legend and Frank Ocean). The video was shot on Chronixx’s home turf of De La Vega (the original settlement of Spanish Town)

The video presents a great visual for the song and I think this is greatly assisted by the musical soundscape which intentionally enables the listener to create their own visualization. The flute and nyabinghi style drums set the scene and encourage the listener to experience the song rather than just listen to it. This prelude to the vocals works well and makes the eventual opening lyrics more impactful. 

This is a song that wants to raise the consciousness of the listener using audio and visual effects like the drums, the fireside setting of Chronixx surrounded by companions and images of terrestrial objects. The overall production works well in this regard and the whole thing is more like a movie trailer.

In my previous Chronixx review of Jah is There I stated that 'Chronixx is taking us on a journey that crosses borders' and this is now starting to be realized as, according to the press release, the new album will defy genre and feature special guest collaborations that are still to be announced. According to Chronixx, he wants to 

“harness the full artillery of sounds that have been passed forward to us through the works of the great Diaspora and African music innovators.”

As a musician or artist, you have to be true to yourself and have the courage to put your ideas in front of the world. Chronixx is definitely trying to harness his full creative potential and should be saluted for that. The Chronixx journey continues and we wait and see whether he will take all his current followers with him but, there are sure to be new conversions to his cause.

The song works best after a couple of plays. Sit back and listen to it with your eyes closed and take it all in. For me, it is great to see the leading exponent from ' De La Vega' trying to take his followers on a more meaningful journey.  I for one am really looking forward to the new album when it lands with a Dela Splash.