Sunday, February 26, 2017

#Dub Mix One

Dub Mix One on iTunes

The EP 'Dub Mix One' is now available on all major digital stores with dub versions of the Miss Tun Pickney singles. So if you like dub have a listen.

#Dub is one of the great reggae inventions believed to be created by legendary Jamaican innovator 'King Tubbys'. With the early reggae singles it was common not to have a 'B side'. Instead, there would be a 'Version', which, was basically an instrumental version of the vocal A side. Dub took these instrumentals to a new level using whatever effects were available at the time mainly reverb and decay or 'Echo', with the drum and bass centre stage.

Dub become a reggae sub-genre in its own right with albums of Dub only tracks created by sound engineers and producers, like the legendary Lee Perry.

This creation of mainly instrumental music by sound engineers and producers spawned many similar genres that exist today.

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